Lovejoy 8" Hypnos

Hypnos in Greek Mythology was the personification of sleep. Meaning that something could be so mesmerizing it could actually put you to sleep. The Hypnos is a 8” Premium Gel Infused Memory Foam mattress, featuring a 2” layer of Gel Memory foam top of a 2” layer of Airflow Waved Foam and a 4” Polyurethane Foam Core Base. Provides a luxury firm comfort level.

  • The 2” layer of Gel Infused Memory foam is designed to relieve all pressure points, providing a restful night’s sleep, while relieving body aches and pain and providing a cool feel to the touch.
  • The 2” layer of Airflow Waved Foam helps increase air flow, allowing the Hypnos to breathe easier while it dissipates unwanted body heat.
  • The 4” Polyurethane Foam Core Base provides a comfortable night's rest while offering optimal support. Eliminates the feeling of sleeping in a hole with it's durable design.
  • The cover on the Hypnos is elegantly designed to give this product a classy look and wonderful feel.
  • 10 Year Warranty

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